Being deeply in love with someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

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Marrying your best friend, having children, watching those children grow — there is nothing quite like it — from the small moments that no one else ever sees to the grand celebrations we come together for. With photography, we can see what it looks like to love and be loved. It transports you, captivates you and makes you wish you were back in that moment. This is what I want you to feel when the wedding is over and your kids are commencing their own journeys of love too.

What working together is really like

I become best friends with my couples. It’s unavoidable when you witness two stories merging into one. I’ll be looking out for you the whole way through — customizing a timeline for your special day, recommending vendors who align with your needs, showering you with gifts and compliments (my love language), and gently reminding you to notice the remarkable gravity of these moments. The details, the planning and the adoration — it all comes together on your wedding day and I want it to be as perfect for you as possible.

You’re a part of something that is so much bigger.


I’ve always been a world traveler. I lived in Europe while growing up and go back every chance I get. Ireland is number one on my bucket list!


I love shopping and having a girls’ day. The amazing women in my life inspire me to be the best person I can be and I'm grateful for the connections I've formed all around the world.


I’m married to an Airman and have always been surrounded by a military lifestyle. Adapting, traveling and making friends in new places is natural for me.


Photography in Cincinnati

I'm originally from the south (Tennessee) and food is how you show love there. So if we aren't eating out, we are baking or cooking a new dish.


"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."

–Emily Brontë

My husband & I were best friends first

We were best friends first and loved traveling together from the start. While exploring the unknowns in romantic locales, we discovered not only new destinations, but a newfound love for one another. I adore the way he makes me laugh or how he will do anything just to see me smile. I love being his wife.

I'm a mother to two

Bringing two little humans into this world has been the best thing I've done with my life. Seriously, my greatest calling is being a mother to them. They are my purpose, my reason and my why.

Let me show you around

A summary of my days

I don’t drink coffee, but there’s always a Coke on hand.

I work in our sunroom, editing the light in my photos and surrounded by natural light at the same time.

I make chocolate chip cookies once a week for us to munch on.

Peaches, our four-year-old Shihpoo follows me like a shadow and is our “third child” as we like to say.

More about me

Tell me about you

The best way for me to describe myself is the girl next door.

I left one dream for another...

I have a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. It was my childhood dream and I thought I would be a doctor my whole life, but then I met him — my best friend and husband. We started traveling the world and I have loved being a military spouse, supporting his career as an Airman. Meanwhile, I worked in research laboratories in Hawaii, California and Utah, and then I found a new dream. Pursuing romance and photography in its purest form — weddings — is bigger and better than anything I could have hoped for. And being a mother myself, I absolutely adore taking family portraits too.

Loyal, kind and baking cookies on the weekly — my approach to photography is on par with my personality. I send heartwarming surprises, establish the perfect environment for first impressions and offer assistance when I can see that you need a helping hand. 

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